A fast, fun way to connect with students on your campus.

Unseen is for the moments when you need to leave behind your social network, your history, and everyone’s expectations.


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Bad Hair Day

who are you when no one is looking?

  • UNTRACEABLE: no one ever knows your identity
  • UNCONVENTIONAL: no profile, no followers, no pressure
  • UNINHIBITED: speak candidly, live fearlessly

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  • “Unseen allows me to share stuff with and meet a bunch of other students, all the while they have no idea who I am. It is funny, interesting and entertaining all at once.”

    Red RocketThe University of Texas
  • “I get to see a different side of our campus and chat with other students I normally wouldn’t have.”

    Yellow CloverOhio State
  • “Craziness. Not even just our campus but a ton of other colleges too. This app is so funny and helpful. I’ve also met a few new friends as well.”

    Green SocketOklahoma State
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